OOTD August 21 - 80s in full effect!

Channeling My Inner Don Johnson

So, You may have noticed that the 80s are making a minor come back (ha!) in the fashion industry. Today, when I walked by that huge mirror in the bathroom at work, I was struck by how similar my outfit was to something Mr. Sonny Crocket from Miami Vice would wear. LOL! When I got home I googled him, and look at that! Greyish jacket, pink top and white pants!!! I lived in Miami in the 80s so perhaps some small memory from then informed this outfit.

The Stuff:
Heathered Jacket - Talbots $13
Coral Top - Loft $25 w/ coupon (avaliable in fall colors now)
White Jeans - Old Navy $20
Caramel Peep Toes - Rampage via Amazon $16
Chain and Necklace - Judith Ripka via QVC


  1. Ha ha! But you look so much prettier than Don Johnson :D

    I love that Ann Taylor top. You do get the good stuff there. Lucky you!

  2. I agree with Sher-you look much better lol. I totally forgot about the blazer hanging in my closet. I'm going to dig it out, dust if off and use it now that the big boyfriend craze is here. Miss Missey, exactly how much Ripka do you own??? Every piece you have is gorgeous!!!!

  3. I love that orange blouse - the details are gorgeous!

  4. Thank y'all! But you do have to admit, DJ was awfully pretty in his own right, and had the wardrobe to match! Diana, I think if the Loft ever closed, I'd just wither away!!

    Miss Patina, Ummm I plead the 5th? Just kidding, I have one ring, one bracelet, 3 chains, and 3 pendants. Just shows how versatile and mix and match the pieces are. :-)

    I do plan on getting the new key unless the price is outrageous. Its so puutry!

  5. Maybe it was your subconscient :)but it looks wonderful and very professional.

  6. lovely outfit. love love the pendant, its so adorable. the ruffled is so cute

  7. Hee hee! Whenever I see white and pastels together, I think of Miami Vice! Your outfit is nicely updated though- very modern cuts!

  8. Thank you Nurmisur and GOd Made me!

    Jess - when I walked past the mirror, I was like ummm where is Tubbs? LOL!!Thanks~!:-)

  9. This is so cute-and looks very modern. I love the jacket!


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