OOTD August 20

So, sorry the pic is so bad, it was the only full body I got before the camera had a battery meltdown LOL! Are you girls watching Project Runway? Its really fun watching this All-Star Challenge! What a great idea. One thing that's funny is that I do not normally watch Lifetime, so all the commercials are new to me LOL!

The Stuff:

Top - Kohls $3.45
Corduroy Pants - Talbots $26 (Still some in women's/women's petite only $22.00)
Necklace - Macy's $5
Shoes - Loft $10


  1. you took an outfit that cost less than 50.00 and made it look like it cost hundreds. I really love the top and the turquoise necklace is gorgeous.
    I am hooked one the atlanta housewives....money can't buy class and it's true in their case. they're something else. Thanks for your supportive comments on my post yesterday.

  2. That top is such a fabulous steal! It looks so great on you with the turquoise necklace

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed looking through your outfits as well - you are so creative with the colors and textures that you combine in such a classy and sophisticated way. I especially like your "Wicked" inspired outfit from a couple days ago! Way to rock the green (one of my most favorite colors.)

  4. I love how that necklace you wore picks up on the bits of blue in the blouse!

  5. Love that outfit.It looks so good on you. I don't even noticed the quality of the picture.

  6. love the blouse! and the beads look pretty with that.
    PS: thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    have a great weekend

  7. Just going through my comments and with what you said, all those babies being born....there must be something in the air LOL!

    I just love your shirt and the necklace just makes the blue in your shirt pop!

  8. Patina - Those Housewives are a TRIP! I hope JCrew responds to ya, you are a good customer for them!

    Thanks for all the notes on the top and necklace girls. I love a good deal!

    God made me & Kari, thanks for coming by here as well! I enjoy your blogs.

    Sher - I am not breathing anything LOL! Congrats on the new family member.


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