OOTD - August 18

Here is today's outfit - I love this color of blue. Sorry, no fun face today LOL!

The Stuff:
Sweater - Loft $10
Polo - Old Navy $10
Trousers - Talbots $20
Shoes - AK Ann Klein -I actually wore teal flats today, but I left them allll the way downstairs and didn't want you to see my naked feeets! (hehe)

Here is a close up of my favorite pendant, I usually wear it short, but thought it would get lost with all the stuff in the middle.


  1. That blue looks wonderful with your pants color.

  2. ohhhh, i love the new blog header. your ripka jewelery is giving me palpations. you know i have youngheimers-so please remind me when she comes on qvc.

  3. Thank you nurmisur - I stopped by your blog tonight, and added you to my reader!

    Patina - thanks! I have been meaning to put something up on my blog since I started it, and finallly got around to finding a picture I like LOL. Hubby did mention that the mannequin isn't curvy enough LOL. Oh and dont worry, I will let you know when its time for some RIPKA!!

  4. I'm totally diggin ur blog header.
    Blue is such a great color on you Bianca
    Love the pendant!

  5. That is a stunning shade of blue and it looks lovely on you. I haven't been to a Talbots in a long, long time, but I've been seeing other bloggers sporting some really cute (and very affordable!) things from there. I may have to visit the one in my town's mall soon : )

  6. Blue is such a lovely color on you!!!!! Great outfit!

  7. Thank you for writing Miss, Carla and Watergirl.

    Carla, Talbots has been doing good things. I usually pick the items I want when they are new, and then stalk them til they hit clearance time, there are some awesome deals to get! :-)


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