OOTD August 12

Ok, so there is somethingon me that that isn't usually there - can you guess what it is?

If you said a belt, you'd be right. I do not usually wear them. I dont particularly like how they fit me - having a VERY short waist, they don't often fit well. However, I do like this one - and might pick up more in the future.

The Stuff:

Jersey Tee - Speigel $22.00 after coupon
Lightweight Wool Skirt - Talbots Outlet $29.00
Sweater - Talbots $28
Belt - New York and Co $2 after coupon :-)
Necklaces - QVC
Shoes - Aerosoles

Pendant is smoky quartz and sapphires - from Anthony Nak

A headless torso shot:



  1. i have a love hate relationship with belts too,but you pulled it together and got it right with your outfit today. Besides, belts are all the rage, so I am incorporating them in my wardrobe to use more as a fashion statement than to keep my pants up lol.

  2. oh, i forgot to tell you that I love your necklace. i have some judith ripka from qvc that I love-i can't get enough of her!!! She feeds my bling addiction lol

  3. I'm afraid of belts. I just dont look right on me:-(
    But you totally rock todays outfit. You've got some great style Bianca!

  4. I just to never wear belts either and now I use them all the time...I think the belt (and the entire outfit) looks great on you!

  5. Patina - Keeping my pants up is def not a prob for me with these hips! LOL!! I think I hav eonly seen you in a couple of JCrew belts - but you have that teeny tiny waist - you should take advantage - over your cardigans, jackets, whatever! I love my Ripka. I excited for her next visit later this month!

    Miss - You are a (much smaller) hourglass like me - I find it really hard to find the exact spot to wear it without it looking bunchy or weird - do you have the same problem?

    Watergirl - thank you! you have the belt thing down - your new coach belt looked awesome yesterday!

    Thanks for writing girls!!

  6. Beautiful necklace! And that belt looks perfect on you! Try them more often :)

  7. ohhhh ripka is coming next month?? oh, i am oh so going to watch and pick up something pretty on "EASY PAY!" Yeah for easy pay. Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I have been stocking up on jcrew belts. I love the colored ones and metallics. Have a great night


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