OOTD Aug 19 - Something Wicked This Way Comes

Wicked is definitely one of my favorite books. When I saw the sweater I have on today, I imagined that it is the color Elphaba's (the wicked witch) skin must be. Inspired by the book cover laying on my bedroom floor, I derived this outfit. The color is more like the full photo - it comes out greener in the detail pic.

The Stuff

Sweater - Talbots $30
Skirt - Spiegel - $29
Tee - Talbots - $8
Shoes - Aerosoles
Necklace by Macy's $4


  1. There is nothing "wicked" about your outfit today girl, it's "FIERCE". Love it. You always choose great color combinations. I don't have green in my wardrobe, because I never know what to do with it, but you are inspiring me,bianca to think outside of the box with this outfit.

  2. You look anything BUT wicked LOL! Lovely color on you!

  3. You really put together the outfit!
    I love that shade of green...you look fabulous

  4. Thanks guys. :-)

    Patina, I dunno why, but i have been loving some green lately, although now I am starting to see lots of purple and charcoal, so starting to drool over those colors too....

  5. Lovely outfit...I've seen a ton of you lovely ladies with the shirt tucked in look. I haven't found a way yet that looks good on me or that I'm comfortable with. But everytime I see someone else sporting the style, it inspires to me try again. So, back to the drawing board!

  6. Yeah, I am not a fan of it usually on me. This was a high-waist pencil skirt with a little more looseness in the waist. I was able to get the tee to just slide on in, and then topped off with the cardigan. Happy accident on this one for sure.


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