OOTD Aug 14

This outfit is color inspired by Diana at Simple Elegance. Her color combos are wonderful. Although I have worn these colors together in the past, its usually not this vibrant, and is often just through accessories.

Geez, I look beat! I need some more sleep. :-)

The Details:
Tshirt - Talbots $17
Sweater -Loft $20
Jeans - Talbots $20
Necklace and Bracelet - QVC

The bracelet stone is an aqua colored quartzite, so it really glows.

Detail of the top


  1. I *love* those colors together. They're so good & not done often. Nice.

  2. I never thought of maroon+blue.Those look great together !
    I really like the bracelet ..its super cute

  3. i do love the color combination. i love the brighter colored top with the cardigan and then you added the bracelet to finish your outfit...very nice. I love the bracelet and the jeans...can i have both????

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I love this mix of colors, and the print on your blouse is gorgeous.

  5. Thank you all!

    Patina - mmm NO! LOL :-)

  6. Love this color combo! and that bracelet!


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