Playing with Polyvore - Lands End + Luxury =??

I was over at Land's End tonight, looking at their Overstock section. I noticed that their patterned tops look very similar to the patterns people love from Boden. Here is a set featuring a $7.99 pair of Khakis, which they will fit to your leg length - for ummm no charge???!!, a 19.99 button down and a $30 Washable Wool Jacket.

The top can be worn now with late summer accessories, then later in the fall with a jacket. Ok, so I am going to spring for the $8 pants, anyone want to buy the Louboutins as a gift for me?


  1. Very good deals.And they hem the Khakis with no aditional charge. That's interesting...

  2. love the polyvore. keep it up. i read your comments from yesterday.....your hubby is funny

  3. I thought so too nurmusur! I think I am going to try that pair and see what happens.

    Patina, he is a mess LOL. I do think I will make some more poyvore sets! It was easy, and people can click through to see the product!


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