WOW - Beautiful Piece at Etsy

OK, so I will admit, I wanted this 3 flower brooch for myself. Unfortunately, the maker (sweetpetites) owns a cat. I am so allergic to cats that I cannot buy it for myself. I am so sad about it! Its only $7!!!! Can you believe it! I had already imagined it on cardigans now, corduroy this fall and velour this winter. Anyways, I thought I would post it, in case one of you girls can think of a use for it. :-) Let me live vicariously through you LOL!

Grey Flower Brooch

P.S. I do not know the seller, nor am I getting any kind of free item or kickback for posting. I just thought it was pretty. :-)


  1. oh, it's beautiful!!! i am so unimaginative, that I don't know what or how to wear it. You gave me a good laugh with your spit wads comment on Gigi's post....too funny

  2. That really is pretty! I love the simple, muted grey tones.

  3. i was watching a rerun of sex and the city. the episode where carrie launches her book. she was wearing something similar around her wrist and I had the bright idea to try it one day. it would look cute pinned on a ribbon and wrapped around the wrist.

  4. That would be soo cute - around the wrist! I would also love to pin this right on the collar of my blazer - ala this:

    I really wish I could buy this. The girls at academichic have been featuring these really neat flower brooches for a few weeks.

    Oh and wasn't her commentary about the spitwads funny? LOL!

  5. Thanks for posting my brooch on your blog. I also appreciate everyone's comments.I admire your determination to get dressed with purpose each morning - I have been feeling the same way myself!Once again, thanks, and sorry it didn't work out for you.
    Susi (suitepetites)


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