Talbots 40% off Sale Prices

Ok, so my favorite store is having their 40% off all sale prices going on right now. Here are my picks from the markdowns! I have **almost** purchased all three of these at higher prices, and if they are still there after my first payday, these will be mine LOL!

Eyelet Blouse $35.99
This top is really nice, and very well made. They flew out of the stores in its launch week. If you can rock a higher neckline, try this one!

Impressionist Blouse $32.99
This is an actual (not faux) wrap top. Its got a button on the inside and then ties on the outside, it felt very secure when I tried it on. If you like a floral print, but find most to be too much, this is a nice one.

Striped Shirt $23.99
This shirt is very light and feels wonderful for summer. Even though I usually steer away from straight shirts like this, due to the curves, this shirt was not at all too boxy or weird fitting.


  1. oh, i was just checking out the website for jeans. tomorrow, i am going to try some on. I will let you know how it goes. I love all of your picks, especially the eyelet blouse....so feminine and girly, girl

  2. Just love that wrap blouse and they still have my size!

  3. Patina - be sure and let me know how it goes! I love their jeans.

    Sher - When I picked these out this morning - there was still a full size run! I can't believe how many have been snapped up!Well, that one is off my list LOL!

  4. Hey, Bianca,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. It's stories like yours that continue to reassure me that I made the right decision. Moving like that is very brave.
    Thanks again for the encouragement! It's always good to know that there are such caring people in the world.
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Kyla

  5. Completely unrelated... but I wanted to drop by to say THANK YOU for the link you posted at The Pretty Year last week (the amazing post from Latoya).

  6. I loveee the eyelet top..

  7. Kyla - :-)

    girlnblack - that was an excellent piece in my opinion! :-)

    missmasala - me too!! :-)

  8. grrrrr, i have had the worst luck with jeans. if i get them to fit my waist, they are too snug in the thign and vice versa. UGH!!!!! i just order some gap boyfriend jeans. i will post about them if they work out. i did buy a paif of weekend jeans from old navy and they were the "how low can you go rise"...not pretty

  9. i am typing without my contacts as you can see from the typos. *goes to put contacts in *

  10. Awwwww, too bad they didnt work for you. If you find a place that fits, stick with it! Have you tried the Loft curvy bootcut fit? If your issue is you need a smaller waistline in comparision to the rest of the pants, these may work for you!


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