OOTD July 8

Sorry for the bad image. I had a job interview in the middle of the day, and then changed when I got home, so I had to take my own picture, in the closet mirror LOL! So, no legs either!

Anyways, I was originally going to wear my pinstripe skirt suit, but after researching a little about the company decided that was too stuffy. I suspected that the President might be wearing a polo, and possible khaki shorts when we met. And he was in a polo and khakis, so I felt I made the best decision about the jacket.

Anyways..on to the details:

Shirt - Talbots $17
Skirt - Talbots $25
Vest - Loft $9
Shoes that are hidden - AK Anne Klein via Amazon $27


  1. Love the vest and that pink is so pretty.

    I hate situations where it's so hard to pick out how dressy or casual to be. Such stress. Glad to hear you struck just the right tone!

  2. Love those shoes.

    Yes, job interviews are getting so hard these days, when so many places are getting very casual. It does feel strange to arrive in a suit when the folks interviewing you are (practically) in flip-flops. :)
    Good luck with the outcome.


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