OOTD - July 31 Catalog Day!

Today, I have on a couple of things from catalogs - I used to balk from ordering from catalogs because I couldn't try on. However, with more retailers pulling the 14/16s from their floor, and offering online only, I am having to order most things anyway. I have been ordering more, and more from various places, and have found some fun things.

Short Sleeve Grey Jacket - Speigel $30 (Jacket is currently on sale for $44 - but Spiegel always has coupons floating around the net for 20-30% off.)
Purple Top - Chadwicks $14.99 (Still $14.99, and tons of Chadwicks coupons out there.)
Jeans - Talbots $20
Shoes - Talbots $12
B. Makowski Bag


  1. I do alot of catalog/internet shopping. But once I know my size with a company, it's easier. I've had my share of returns too.

    Love that short sleeved jacket! Perfect for summer.

  2. catalog/online shopping has made me so lazy. i agree with sher-once i determine which size i need from a specific retailer, it's on lol. Online/catalog shopping causes most of my impulse buys. The only thing stoping me now is that many retailers have jumped on the "final sale" bangdwagon. Since I have been bit by the FS bug and ended up stuck with merchandize that I did't like once I received it, i am laying low for awhile.
    Great outfit.

  3. Sher, I got that jacket thanks to you. :-) That's a good point about sizing. I can do that with Limited, but gosh, sometimes I order the same size in the same pair of pants but different colors, and one fits perfectly, but the other doesn't fit the same way at all. I had that problem with Gap, Old Navy, and the Loft. Ugh.

    OOOhhh yes, final sale strikes terror into my heart. Patina, you should put that stuff on ebay. That one particular place you shop (hehe) has a great resale value on new items on ebay.

  4. Bianca-i think i am going to take your advice and post on jca's "looking to sell" post and if i am not successful there, then I will post on ebay. No more final sales for me.


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