OOTD July 29

So I am trying to use Photobucket instead of Blogger for the pics - please let me know if these are too big, or too small or messed up LOL!

Here is a close up of the shirt and sweater - (instead me just 'swearing' that there are details LOL)

Oh and just for fun here is the weave of the pants. The lighter color is actually a beige, which looks really neat with the charcoal color of the rest. It went really well with my Beige BMak Bag.

The Stuff:

Green Sweater - Talbots $26
Cream Tank - Loft $19
Pants - The Limited $17
Pendant - Judith Ripka


  1. So you use photobucket, then link to it? I still use blogger. Great details! such a pretty top!

  2. Love the details!

    the pics work great - I switched to flickr not too long ago because the blogger pics just weren't big enough for me.

  3. I uploaded the pics to photobucket, and then I still enter them the same way on blogger, but there is a place to enter a link instead of uploading - so I think I am going to stick with that for awhile. I think the pics are better.


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