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Its "give and get" time again at GAP / Banana Republic / Old Navy. If you are not already part of this great program, shoot me an EMAIL and I will send you the invite that will give you 30%. GAP gives 5% of your purchase to the Product RED program, which is the one I selected this year.

Please note this is only an in-store coupon. I do not have any email coupon codes. If you cannot spend it in store, sorry. :-( Those are just the rules. The coupon is reusable, so grab some goodies from the Gap, BR and ON while you can!! Once you use the coupon, they will automatically start including you the the mailing to get an online code, and you will get an online code next time they run it.

The coupon is good from July 30th through Aug 2. I will just give them away until all 25 are gone. I will update, but I highly doubt 25 people read this blog - let alone 25 people who are not already part of G&G. :-)

P.S. You can use this at BR and Gap Outlet stores as well.

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