ALDO Shoes - Additional Markdowns

ALDO has marked down their clearance shoes another 50%. Use code VIPOFFER for free shipping. Enter the sale through the link here:

ALDO Shoe Sale

Some of my picks that I thought might be nice though the fall..these choices are all leather uppers.

Some Purples:

The Fororossa $20

The Falylaly $20

Some grays:

Earlie $20

Freipepi $23

There are also plenty of shoes in blacks, browns, red and others. :-)Prices start from $6 - most in the $20 range.


  1. Those purple ones are FANTASTIC. I am so sad that they don't come in my size. Boo!

  2. Wow! Those shoes are going fast, I listed shoes that had a full size run when I posted. Almost all of the ones I was going back for are gone in my size too!

  3. I find Aldo is so hit and miss - some of their shoes are wonderful...but some are uncomfortable or poor quality.

  4. That's good to know. Its been some time since I owned any from there...I will just tell myself that all the ones I was looking at are the bad ones LOL!!

  5. Thanks for the heads up! I just got a super cute pair of red patent leather heels! I was bummed those cute ruffled flats were gone, though. Bummer.

    Thanks for stopping by xoxo, Closet Girl. I love finding new fashion bloggers!

  6. *whipers* I loved the ruffled flats. needed them frankly.


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