OOTD - July 31 Catalog Day!

Today, I have on a couple of things from catalogs - I used to balk from ordering from catalogs because I couldn't try on. However, with more retailers pulling the 14/16s from their floor, and offering online only, I am having to order most things anyway. I have been ordering more, and more from various places, and have found some fun things.

Short Sleeve Grey Jacket - Speigel $30 (Jacket is currently on sale for $44 - but Spiegel always has coupons floating around the net for 20-30% off.)
Purple Top - Chadwicks $14.99 (Still $14.99, and tons of Chadwicks coupons out there.)
Jeans - Talbots $20
Shoes - Talbots $12
B. Makowski Bag

Dockers Jacket $10.39 after sale!

This jacket is priced at $14.99 and comes in navy, white and eggshell. Sizing left: XS, S and XL. Currently, tops and jackets are another 30% off - (automatically applied in cart) and for free shipping, welcome2 (you may need to register for the site for the code to work).

Dockers Jacket

ALDO Shoes - Additional Markdowns

ALDO has marked down their clearance shoes another 50%. Use code VIPOFFER for free shipping. Enter the sale through the link here:

ALDO Shoe Sale

Some of my picks that I thought might be nice though the fall..these choices are all leather uppers.

Some Purples:

The Fororossa $20

The Falylaly $20

Some grays:

Earlie $20

Freipepi $23

There are also plenty of shoes in blacks, browns, red and others. :-)Prices start from $6 - most in the $20 range.

OOTD July 30

Don't laugh at the face here - my husband was being his usual hil-arous self. *insert another eye roll here**LOL

Typical cardigan type outfit. This is one of my favorite skirts - it is a lightweight wool - and fully lined with a kick pleat in the back. 100% "summerweight: wool is my favorite fabric for bottoms. It is not too hot (even in Florida and North Carolina) but at the same time gives lots of structure and hold all "the goods" in. :-)

Here is the weave of the skirt - almost a woven pattern...

My favorite pendant - a Blue Topaz heart. This jewelry line is one of my splurges that I save my pennies for LOL. I have a few pieces from this line, and I realllly like it.

Blue Cardigan - Loft $19
Brown T-shirt - Loft $10
Brown Wool Skirt - Talbot's $29
Brown Flats - Chadwicks $10
Heart Pendant - Judith Ripka
Bracelet - Silpada
B. Makwoski Bag from Ebay

OOTD July 29

So I am trying to use Photobucket instead of Blogger for the pics - please let me know if these are too big, or too small or messed up LOL!

Here is a close up of the shirt and sweater - (instead me just 'swearing' that there are details LOL)

Oh and just for fun here is the weave of the pants. The lighter color is actually a beige, which looks really neat with the charcoal color of the rest. It went really well with my Beige BMak Bag.

The Stuff:

Green Sweater - Talbots $26
Cream Tank - Loft $19
Pants - The Limited $17
Pendant - Judith Ripka

OOTD July 28

Shirt - Loft $14
Cardigan Sweater - Loft $20
Pants - Limited $17

I am a little amused that my outfit for the day looks like the "Before" picture at Fab Finds LOL! Although the shirt does have some super cute detailing across the top. I can't get a good photo of it for some reason.

OOTD July 27

Tee - Loft $25
White Button Down - Talbot's $28
Skirt - Speigel $20
Shoes - Aerosoles

Close-up of the shirt:


Hey all -

Its "give and get" time again at GAP / Banana Republic / Old Navy. If you are not already part of this great program, shoot me an EMAIL and I will send you the invite that will give you 30%. GAP gives 5% of your purchase to the Product RED program, which is the one I selected this year.

Please note this is only an in-store coupon. I do not have any email coupon codes. If you cannot spend it in store, sorry. :-( Those are just the rules. The coupon is reusable, so grab some goodies from the Gap, BR and ON while you can!! Once you use the coupon, they will automatically start including you the the mailing to get an online code, and you will get an online code next time they run it.

The coupon is good from July 30th through Aug 2. I will just give them away until all 25 are gone. I will update, but I highly doubt 25 people read this blog - let alone 25 people who are not already part of G&G. :-)

P.S. You can use this at BR and Gap Outlet stores as well.

OOTD July 25

Ok, so I don't normally tell a story about the clothes I have on. Today I thought I would chat a little bit about this dress because I was inspired to wear it by three of the blogs I read regularly. Recently, Michelle at The Pretty Year asked us what our best deal ever was. Which caused me to reminesce about this buy....

About 3 years ago, I was invited to a wedding at a local hotel. Found an outfit to wear and kept it moving. Well, the morning of the wedding, we found out that it was OUTDOORS poolside at a hotel. At 1pm in the muggy, summer Tampa Heat? Oh heck naw. After having a moment of empathy for hubby (he was IN the wedding, and wearing a tux.), I decided that the dress I originally picked was not going to cut it. I ran over to the Macy's around the corner from the hotel.

Their dress clearance was marked an additional 70% off the lowest marked price. It was chaos on the sales floor and in the fitting rooms. I bought four options for $39.00 without trying them on - I was in a hurry, and figured one of them should fit me.

The one I am wearing above is 100% silk, and tag says Donna Ricco. It was $6.00 after all the markdowns. (Original price $168) I did not wear it the wedding that day, and had not worn it before today.

Well, Michelle's blog reminded my of the dress...and, thanks to some inspiration from 'Patina', Kyla and some other bloggers who wear maxi dresses, I finally pulled it out of my closet.

All that said - I am not sure if I will wear it again LOL! I am short and I feel really really short in this - plus I think the maxi dress cuts at an unflattering place on me. Right under the bustline seems to make my chest look very long, and it totally hides my waist- which is my smallest area. (booo for that cut on me!) It was much worse before the cardigan. However, I gave it the old college try! :-)

So, while this was not my best deal ever - I do believe that with today's wearing, I got my $6.00 out of it - hehe.

Dress - Donna Ricco via Macy's $6.00
Tank - Spiegel $15
Cardigan - Loft $20

On another note, I don't have a Macy's within 85 miles of my house now. The inhumanity of it all!!

Talbots 40% off Sale Prices

Ok, so my favorite store is having their 40% off all sale prices going on right now. Here are my picks from the markdowns! I have **almost** purchased all three of these at higher prices, and if they are still there after my first payday, these will be mine LOL!

Eyelet Blouse $35.99
This top is really nice, and very well made. They flew out of the stores in its launch week. If you can rock a higher neckline, try this one!

Impressionist Blouse $32.99
This is an actual (not faux) wrap top. Its got a button on the inside and then ties on the outside, it felt very secure when I tried it on. If you like a floral print, but find most to be too much, this is a nice one.

Striped Shirt $23.99
This shirt is very light and feels wonderful for summer. Even though I usually steer away from straight shirts like this, due to the curves, this shirt was not at all too boxy or weird fitting.

OOTD June 21

Sweater - J Crew $29
Tee - Loft $24
Jeans - Lane Bryant $50
Shoes - Journeyz $9
Necklace - Loft $12
B Makowsky Bag

WOW - Beautiful Piece at Etsy

OK, so I will admit, I wanted this 3 flower brooch for myself. Unfortunately, the maker (sweetpetites) owns a cat. I am so allergic to cats that I cannot buy it for myself. I am so sad about it! Its only $7!!!! Can you believe it! I had already imagined it on cardigans now, corduroy this fall and velour this winter. Anyways, I thought I would post it, in case one of you girls can think of a use for it. :-) Let me live vicariously through you LOL!

Grey Flower Brooch

P.S. I do not know the seller, nor am I getting any kind of free item or kickback for posting. I just thought it was pretty. :-)

OOTD - July 18

Top - Ann Taylor Loft (Old ?)
Sweater - Loft - $19
Capris - Talbots $19
Aerosoles Shoes
B Makwoski Bag

OOTD July 16

Here is another **fun** cardi -tee combo LOL.

Tee - Loft $9
Cardigan - Loft $20
Jeans - Talbots $29
Necklace - Macy's via ebay $10
Bag: B. Makowski

So, I got a job offer today - from Interview #2 - which I was really hoping for. I will be starting as a Marketing Analyst for a wonderful sporting goods company on Monday, July 29. So, my life of leisure (and loungewear) is coming to an end. Hopefully I will be more inspired in the weeks to come. :-)

OOT Interview - July 14

So today, I had another interview at a more casual place.

Shirt - Target $18
Jacket - Spiegel $34
Pants - Old from Cato ??

OOTD - July 14

Continuing on my life of leisure....

Tee - Loft $34
Sweater - Loft $19
Jeans - Lane Bryant $55
Shoes - Talbots $12

OOTD July 11

Tee - Loft $24.50
Shorts - Speigel $14.50
Shoes - Aerosoles
B. Makowski

OOTD July 10

Brown Tee - Talbots $25
Jeans - Talbots $30
New B. Makowski Bag

New Handbag

B. Makwoski Oslo Dome Satchel in Vachetta $298

I just purchased this bag from ebay. There were a few spots on it, and it was a little grimy. It was basically a floor sample - so it had been handled by potential customers. However, with the magic weapon, aka the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, its in perfect condition again. My husband cannot believe how good it looks. My cost?

$31.45 for the bag
$14.00 shipping, ins and delivery confirmation via USPS Priority Mail
$2.00 Magic Eraser.

A little elbow grease.

$298 bag in new condition. Love it.

My shoes are just in the pic because Polyvore makes you show 2 pictures in your collage. LOL.

OOTD July 8

Sorry for the bad image. I had a job interview in the middle of the day, and then changed when I got home, so I had to take my own picture, in the closet mirror LOL! So, no legs either!

Anyways, I was originally going to wear my pinstripe skirt suit, but after researching a little about the company decided that was too stuffy. I suspected that the President might be wearing a polo, and possible khaki shorts when we met. And he was in a polo and khakis, so I felt I made the best decision about the jacket.

Anyways..on to the details:

Shirt - Talbots $17
Skirt - Talbots $25
Vest - Loft $9
Shoes that are hidden - AK Anne Klein via Amazon $27

OOTD July 7

Tee - Walmart $7
Cardigan - Loft $19
Jeans - Lane Bryant $50
Shoes - Fashion Bug $4
Necklace - Macy's via ebay $3

Necklace OTD July 6

lToday's big "thing" was waiting around on the cable/phone/internet guy, so I just wore my Loft "go-to" teal tee and some jeans. When we headed out to dinner, I tossed on this cute necklace...I clearly love a long necklace! :-)

Top and Necklace
Top and Necklace by bchez on Polyvore.com

Loft Tee $20
Necklace $7 Macy's (via Ebay)

OOTD July 5

Today we went out for some yummy Chinese food!

Top - Loft $19
Sweater - Loft $19
Jeans - Lane Bryant $50
Necklace - Macys $5 (Clearance)

Detail of the necklace and tank below.

OOTD July 4

Happy Independence Day!!

Tee - Loft $19
Capris - Talbot's $19
Shoes - Naturalizer
Pendant - Red Jasper - Silpada

OOTD July 3

Another day of errands, and getting house together.

Sweater - JCrew $29
Tee - Loft $9
Skirt - Loft $15
Shoes - Naturalizer $20
Necklace - Loft $15

OOTD - July 2

Well, since we just moved, no job yet, but here is an outfit I wore to run some errands...

Top - Kohls - $4
Tank - Walmart $7
Jeans - Kane Bryant $55
Shoes -Aerosoles


Here are a few sales that I have been looking at today:

1. Martin and Osa - 30% off sale items, free shipping. I have several items from M&O and they are of great quality! Promo Code: 15516228

What is in my cart?
Ruffle Placket Tank

Abstract Plaid Silk Top

2. JJill - 25% off current markdowns. JJill has some of the best casual bottoms and sweaters. Also, they have a broad size range available. No coupon code needed.
What is in my cart?
Silk and Linen Cardigan

Linen Bermudas

3. Spiegel - 30% off entire site. Ok, I have never purchased anything from Spiegel before. Although, this coupon may be tipping the scale - there are some nice pencil skirts and tops that I am looking at. Coupon Code: 140. Deferred Billing Code: 461 Anyone every try Spiegel?

What is in my cart?
Short Sleeve Sateen Jacket (in Grey)

Sateen Pencil Skirt (in black)

Jersey Tunic Top

Rosette Tank Top