Weekend Shopping

So you would think with all the awesome sales that are out this weekend for Memorial Day, I would have picked up a ton of things, but unfortunately, I haven't seen much I needed.

I did take advantage of the sale at the Loft to pick up some basic tees. I wear their tees a whole lot...I refreshed my black one (rusched tee on right - but in black), and picked up a Navy scoopneck (pictured on left). They were 2 for $20 as part of the Memorial Day special.

I have eyeballed many items from Chadwicks over the years, and when I order, the items can be really hit-or-miss. With the coupon code CHSALE501, you can get 50% off any item, so I decided to try a shirt I have been eyeballing. Their shipping charges usually KILL any deal they have, but with the 50% off, its worth trying this item.

Regular Price is $39.99 and marked down to $29.99 (sale not clearance - their coupons do not work on clearance), so with the coupon its $14.99 + shipping $7.00 - so all in all $21.

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