Weekend Shopping - Talbot's Outlet in Duluth, GA

I happened to note recently online that there is a Talbot's outlet not to far from where my in-laws live, and I decided to check it out. Being that one is never sure what to expect at an outlet - I wasnt sure what I would find.

The outlet is really more like a true outlet - not clothing produced specifically for an outlet - a la Ann Taylor Factory Stores, but actual clearance items. There were "new arrivals" which were all from the March 09 catalog. These were marked down a little further than what you would see online. There were also items older marked down, with additional 20%, 60% off and 75% off depending, I am assuming on the length the item has been at the outlet.

It was fairly large and had lots of items, though my size was a bit hard to find. I ended up buying a nice wool garbadine skirt for $16, a silk dress top for $18, and two pairs of shoes for $12 per pair. The shoes are great - they are quilted patterned leather flats with silver hardware. I bought them in teal and hunter green. I love them!!!

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