Saturday Shopping

Ann Taylor Loft has their spring/summer sweaters BOGO free. The store had many colors that were sold out in my size online. Today, I picked it up in Black and a lovely Light Blue. I already had it in Porcelain Green (shown below) Navy and an Off-white color that has more of a green undertone than yellow - it is a great "off white" for me - much better than ivory.

Originally $39.50 - with BOGO, they are $19.75. One by itself is still $39.50. On a sadder note, the SA told me they would no longer carry size 16 pants in stores. It will be online only.

Everyone is showing all their cute tops with white jeans for summer. White is tricky for someone of my can be perilously see thru, or too snug. After striking out at my usual places, I am going to try a pair from Old Navy. They are wide leg jeans, so I am hoping that will help with the snugness. Also, they are only $20! I really hope these work out because I really need some white jeans in my wardrobe!!
Its impossible to see what they look like in white because they are shot on a white background, but here they are in another wash:

Can't wait to get these in hand and try them on.

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