Weekend Shopping

love my denim jacket so much from QVC that I bought it in Black (Item A15267), and am trying another jacket in a green color (Item A89060). These jackets each ran in the $30 range, free ship & handling.

Also saw a sign at the Loft advertising new markdown, the items weren't new, but they were WAY marked down $6.88, $9.88 and $14.88. Sweaters were on sale again also...getting a little late in the spring for that...

I picked up three items, all $14.88

Rosette Yoke Shell
Puff Sleeve Sweater
Checkerboard Rosette Top (no longer online)

OOTD May 29

Cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft - $20
Black Tee - Ann Taylor Loft - $10
Jeans - Talbots - $30
Necklace/Pendant - Judith Ripka for QVC

OOTD May 28

Jean Jacket - QVC $28
Grey Pants - Cannot Remember? Thrifted?
Tshirt - Talbots $15
Scarf - Talbots $22

OOTD May 26

Sweater - Talbots - $18
Jeans - Talbots - $20
Tshirt - ATL - $10

Weekend Shopping

So you would think with all the awesome sales that are out this weekend for Memorial Day, I would have picked up a ton of things, but unfortunately, I haven't seen much I needed.

I did take advantage of the sale at the Loft to pick up some basic tees. I wear their tees a whole lot...I refreshed my black one (rusched tee on right - but in black), and picked up a Navy scoopneck (pictured on left). They were 2 for $20 as part of the Memorial Day special.

I have eyeballed many items from Chadwicks over the years, and when I order, the items can be really hit-or-miss. With the coupon code CHSALE501, you can get 50% off any item, so I decided to try a shirt I have been eyeballing. Their shipping charges usually KILL any deal they have, but with the 50% off, its worth trying this item.

Regular Price is $39.99 and marked down to $29.99 (sale not clearance - their coupons do not work on clearance), so with the coupon its $14.99 + shipping $7.00 - so all in all $21.

OOTD May 22

Jacket - QVC - $30
Tshirt - Loft - $?
Pants - Loft - $20
Shoes - Loft - $1o

This is the jacket I mentioned on an earlier weekend shopping post. I like it very much. Since we have been having so much rain here, I wonder if its wearing off on my clothing choices. I look like the colors of a thunderstorm in this outfit. I have to remember I need some color!

OOTD May 21

Sorry for the bad image. Its hard to see the details on the top, and the shoes....

Top - Macys $12
Jeans - Talbots - $25
Hunter Green Flats - Talbots $12

OOTD May 20

Still raining today - I love the rain....and its supposed to continue through the rest of the week. I have really been digging this "citron" color, but I know its just one of those trendy colors that will be out soon, so I didn't want to spend too much on it. When I found this at the Loft, it was exactly what I was looking for.

Sweater - Ann Taylor Loft $15
Pants - The Limited $17
Black Polo - Old Navy $10
Shoes - Aerosoles

The belt I found this morning, but did not end up wearing - it was not staying in the right place - I need a smaller one.

OOTD May 19

A rainy Monday! It was chilly for Florida as well - 70 degrees!

3/4 Sleeve Top - Port Authority - $6
Pants - Talbots - $30
Shoes - Talbots Outlet - $12
Scarf - Walmart $5

Weekend Shopping - Talbot's Outlet in Duluth, GA

I happened to note recently online that there is a Talbot's outlet not to far from where my in-laws live, and I decided to check it out. Being that one is never sure what to expect at an outlet - I wasnt sure what I would find.

The outlet is really more like a true outlet - not clothing produced specifically for an outlet - a la Ann Taylor Factory Stores, but actual clearance items. There were "new arrivals" which were all from the March 09 catalog. These were marked down a little further than what you would see online. There were also items older marked down, with additional 20%, 60% off and 75% off depending, I am assuming on the length the item has been at the outlet.

It was fairly large and had lots of items, though my size was a bit hard to find. I ended up buying a nice wool garbadine skirt for $16, a silk dress top for $18, and two pairs of shoes for $12 per pair. The shoes are great - they are quilted patterned leather flats with silver hardware. I bought them in teal and hunter green. I love them!!!

Weekend Wear

We went to Atlanta this weekend for a wedding weekend. Here is what I wore all weekend. Sorry, no live pictures, I looked and looked and it appears I was taking the pics all weekend. I did plan the outfits on Polyvore ahead of time, simple as they all were....

Friday - During the day, we lounged around, got nails done, etc....

Friday night was a dinner for the bride and groom....
Tuesday by bchez featuring Old Navy

Saturday - Morning - This is what I wore to do the makeup for the wedding party -

Saturday Afternoon - The outfit I wore to the wedding. The wedding took place outside - perfect weather.

Sunday was a birthday party for our nephew who turned 2 -
Sunday by bchez featuring Old Navy

OOTD May 13

I saw this color combo in a JJill magazine awhile back and liked the way it looked together.

Tshirt - The Limited - $8
Jeans - Lane Bryant Right Fit - $45
Cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft - $20
Shoes - Aerosoles
Necklace - QVC

OOTD - May 11

So, I really love these cardigans from ATL! I have 5 of them in various colors, and have been wearing them like crazy. I wish they had more colors in my size! They are BOGO free right now. I bought 3 or 4 when they were $24 with 30% off for F&F, so I got some of them for a little less than the ones I bought during BOGO. $17 or $20 - still a good deal!
Blue Cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft $20
Black Tee - Ann Taylor Loft $?
Pants - Talbots - $30
Shoes - Ann Taylor Loft $9
Bag - B Makowski
Necklace - Judith Ripka for QVC
Bracelet - Silpada

OOTD May 10

Happy Mother's Day! We went and saw Star Trek, which I thought was really good! I ended up wear the same outfit with a different purple tee to work on Tuesday.
Cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft $17
Jeans - Lane Bryant Right Fit $45
Tee - The Limited $8
Scarf - Talbots $23

Weekend Shopping

I picked this up online this weekend as well. Its $28, free shipping and is broken up into 5 easy payments. :-) We will see if it remains for a 2nd payment...

Saturday Shopping

Ann Taylor Loft has their spring/summer sweaters BOGO free. The store had many colors that were sold out in my size online. Today, I picked it up in Black and a lovely Light Blue. I already had it in Porcelain Green (shown below) Navy and an Off-white color that has more of a green undertone than yellow - it is a great "off white" for me - much better than ivory.

Originally $39.50 - with BOGO, they are $19.75. One by itself is still $39.50. On a sadder note, the SA told me they would no longer carry size 16 pants in stores. It will be online only.

Everyone is showing all their cute tops with white jeans for summer. White is tricky for someone of my size...it can be perilously see thru, or too snug. After striking out at my usual places, I am going to try a pair from Old Navy. They are wide leg jeans, so I am hoping that will help with the snugness. Also, they are only $20! I really hope these work out because I really need some white jeans in my wardrobe!!
Its impossible to see what they look like in white because they are shot on a white background, but here they are in another wash:

Can't wait to get these in hand and try them on.

OOTD May 7

Tee Shirt - Ann Taylor Loft $25
Jeans - Talbots $25
Necklaces - QVC
Bracelet - Silpada
Handbag - B. Makowsky
Shoes - Ann Taylor Loft

OOTD May 7

Blue Tee - Walmart $5
Grey Pants - Talbots $30
Necklace - Macys
Shoes - Ann Taylor Loft $10

OOTD May 6

She has legs!! Pale Legs!! Sun needed.

Top - Kohls $4
Cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft $18
Shirt - Talbots - $25
Shoes -Aerosoles
Necklace - QVC
Pendant - QVC
Bracelet - Silpada

OOTD May 5

I look as tired as I felt this morning. Up too late!

Rose Sweater - Talbots $28
Swiss Dot Top -Loft - $15
Khaki Pants - JJill - $14
Tank - Walmart $4
Necklace - Ann Taylor Loft
Bag - Coach
Shoes - Aerosoles

OOTD - May 4

SO, I lost a week! Not sure what happened to the pictures, if I took any, if they were accidently deleted - no idea!

Today I wore a white, black, red combo that I liked.

Red Polo - Cutter and Buck $?
Black Sweater - Loft $15
Herringbone Pants - The Limited $17
Shoes - Aerosoles
Pearls - Macys

I finally decided to start tagging the brand I am wearing so I can find things faster.